Exhibitors at Veterinary Science Shows™

We invite you to join us in showcasing your veterinary products and services at the leading veterinary schools nationwide. Our table top shows provide you with the opportunity to meet faculty staff and students in the veterinary and animal science field and make it easy to educate this audience about the benefits of using your brand over that of your competition. These events are the perfect way to promote your product to your target audience in a professional atmosphere.

Exhibitor Benefits
Does your audience know about your product? If not, let us help you promote it by participating in our on site trade shows nationwide.

• Exhibit shows continue to be the most cost effect way to promote your services and showcase your products. This is especially true in the world of science and medicine where highly detailed technical information must be conveyed in a positive and professional way to address the specific needs of the end users.

• In addition to promoting specific product and services exhibitions provide you with the opportunity to conduct informal research on how your product it currently being used and discover potential new uses that can expand the marketability of your product nationwide.

• Our events come with built in branding opportunities which can be enhanced though participation in existing sponsorship programs at each event. Scientific discovery is incremental, your product may be the key to discovery.

Who Should Attend? Doctors of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Technicians
DVM and Tech Students

Shows on demand VSS is currently expanding to offer a nationwide selection of on campus veterinary shows. We are presenting the following sites on an on-demand and as available basis. Exhibitors, please let us know which institutions you would be interested in exhibiting your veterinary products and services at by calling today. For a list of events, click here. On-demand events are also available. When you call, please let us know at which of these sites you are interested in exhibiting.

Who Should Exhibit? Animal Care Companies
Laboratory Suppliers
Medical Equipment Suppliers
Laser System Companies
Software Identification Systems
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